Oct 29, 2010

Random Bands!

Since cuti yg amat panjang, aktiviti ialah surfing the internet..fb=boring...

so bukak youtube! download giant amounts of songs! haha...n sambil2 tu discover lots of bands yg x pnah dgr kat malaysia...n their songs are not bad at all!

so rite nw, im obsessed with 'Big Time Rush'....YES! i am 17+...and NO! they are not just for 16 years old and below.....i find tht their songs are A.W.E.S.O.M.E ...hahahaha...BTW i also find that the members of Big Time Rush are....CUTE + HOT + anything nice! haha... Kendall is my favourite though! :-p

so then, i discovered that Kendall was in other band before...The 1st band that he joined was "LOVERS MAKES LIARS"...but the band is sadly no more...i guess bcoz there is no Kendall...ha! 

nways, their song like "Pillow Talk"=kinda cool....

next band: is "HEFFRON DRIVE" also one of the bands that Kendall joined before he joins Big Time Rush....Heffron Drive music is more to like techno/electro-type-of-music which is way different than the songs that i ever heard before. 
i prefer "Love Letter" & "Stand Forever"=AWESOME!

hmm...i guess the random band thing is just an excuse for me to actually talk about Kendall in today's post..haha!

ok2....whts done is done.....

I really love bands with good great music & if they have looks, thats a BONUS!

until we meet again...

*pics not belong to me

Oct 24, 2010

Mid Valley!!!

Guess who are in town?!? its Rai (Phg) n Bobo (Seremban)...ktorg kluar berlima...plus sue, mira n me !!

We were supposed to meet at 11am..but bcz of 'certain circumstances',complete ade smue org dlm kul 12.15...

Mse ak dtg,yg ade just rai n ak...so ktorg g window shopping dlu...pusing2 cr baju yg ktorg muat....smua bju sgt bsr!

well nway, sue dtg n then bobo! n then mira! after tht, lunch time!!! we had trouble choosing where to eat...sue n i voted Kenny Rodgers!!! but.....we all end up in Nandos.....after lunch straight to movie-Altitude!

im not officially 18! but who cares?!?

wanna knw more bout Altitude??? let just say "giant octopus in da sky"

hmm....download je la klau nk tgk...its a waste of money for us cz da movie is not that good (or not good at all...haha!)

cinema yg ktorg masok tu, adalah cinema yg plg senyap yg pnah ak msuk...yg bisingnye rai...hahaha....x habis2 tnye mne octopus?? ble octopus nk kuar??? "rai!!! diamla....nty org marah ko!!" haha...tu yg ak ckp kat rai...tp die diam kjap je....haha....pstu bsing blk....then si diana plak...mne sotong??? asl x kuar lg??? OMG!!!! girls!!!! kt je yg bising!!! hahaha...dh hbs movie, ak prasan org kat dpn ktorg cam pandang2 ktorg...haha.....sorry! not my fault! haha

after movie g jln2 n smayang...after that g makan (again!)...Subway=awesome! after that g amek gambar kat garden mall......n yg plg sengalnye, ktorg nk mntak tlong org yg lalu lalang tlong amekkan gamba....si mira n sue mcm nk cr mangsa! lawak giler muke diorg.....bleh dikatekan ak keseganan kjap bcz of them...hahahhaaha...nway,,,,dpt gak gamba berlima........

lps amek gamba nie, its time to say "goodbye"...da hardest word ever!

sue n rai stayed in mid tho....they watched another movie that 10 times better that Altitude! (im jeallous!)

so last2 smpai umah kol 7pm...... n then g mandi n tros upload gmba kat fb n berblog....hahaha

pape pn sgt gembira cz dpt jmpe dgn diorg n sgt lega cz smua smpai umah/kolej msg2 dgn selamat...Alhamdulillah....

to: Sue, Rai, Diana n Mira

thanks for an awesome day tday! I luv u girls so much! hope to see u all again and lookin forward to watch better movie next time! haha

"I know I'll miss you, but we'll meet again someday, We'll never fade away...." (HM Forever-Wherever I Go) 

until we meet again.......

Oct 22, 2010

missing u!! missing who?!?

so...who am i missing???? one of my BFFs- Arina (known each other since 8 years old!) 
anyway, die skang kat yogya...study kat sne...dh la study jauh, hr tu, die n family die pndah Johor plak tuh....(*sigh) btw i've been to her new house (call it a mansion!) n its F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!.!

mse dlu2, rumah die dkt je dgn skolah rendah ktorg...so after school especially mse drjah 6, ak slalu g umah die...hang out or/and study (kinda)... parents die pn dh knal parents ak....n ak n arina practically sisters! mmg berkepit berdua slalu....

nway, mse form 1, die dpt msuk mrsm....me??? stuck kat skolah harian yg mcm2 ragam nye....
so mmg sdeyh gile la mse die nk blah.....but im happy at da same time...im really happy for her...evntho ktorg jauh, tp slalu contact2...n after hbis zaman skolah, ingtkan dpt jumpe die slalu,,,tp dia pndah johor lak....hr tu g umah die pn sb otw nk blk umh dr kampung kat jb....hmm....nk buat cmne kan??

tp xpe...dgn teknologi yg ade....ktorg mmg slalu chatting! (semestinye)...

well, nway, to arina: hope eventho kt jauh n jrg giler jmpe, kt still will b BFF....anything n anytime u need me, i will always b there for you! n i miss u n luv u dude! 

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."  (Elisabeth Foley)

until we meet again...... 

random stuff!

the things/accessories that i wear all the time :-

my JoBros necklace
my jade bangle bought in Beijing
yup2...i have a Jonas Brothers pendant because i 'kinda' have had O.J.D (obsessive Jonas Disorder =P)

gadgets MUST HAVE in handbag :-
my so-called iPhone

my mp4

so yeah...basically sje nk menambah bilangan post pd hr ini....hahaha

until we meet again.....

the 3rd post of da day! (excited...i guess)

lately sgt mls nk bkk fb..x tau nape...=P mayb sb syida slalu x on9 mse ak on9...yup2...slalu ym dgn syida b4...conversation kami sgt l.a.w.a.k....
msg2 ckp psl diri msg2....smpai kul brape ntah dok merapu dgn syida...

to: syida
u r such a good listener n tq mendgr sgala mslah/crite/etc...KKS selamenye hahaha....

"I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay." (Song from:Dave Matthews Band)

until we meet again.....

Choice of Music

yo! i just finished dwnloading songs from various singers/bands.. let just say that right after i download the songs, i got a text message frm celcom b.band, sayin that my b.band usage is reaching the allocated 5GB/mth! (*sigh)

nways, i downloaded some songs from Forever the Sickest Kids (FTSK), Push play (C.J is hawt!!), NLT (artie frm Glee is 1 of the members!), V Factory, Coldplay (syidah's husband=Chris martin :P )Big Time Rush (seriously????) Selena Gomez (Ghost Of You da best!)...bla...bla...bla.....(there's more cant remember...)

oh and to Syida n Faiz...'Tq' krn telah menyebabkan sy addicted to Coldplay...In My Place is one of my favourites!

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul." (source unknown)

Until we meet again..........

the first!

OMG!!!! this will be da first post for my first blog! (well, sorta 1st blog..haha) BTW it all thanks to syida, dyanne, nyna and yong for 'inspire' me to have a blog...

dont knw what else to say....until we meet again......

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