Feb 22, 2011


The poster/bookmark

That was the title of our group (2B) drama.  Yes we were very tired.  Practices after practices.  It seemed endless back then.  But know: I miss those moments.  (Trust me.  I sometimes whined).  But hey! It was very worth it! why??? Because we ROCK THE STAGE on 18th February 2011 at 8.30.  We stole the night and we got a lot of positive feedbacks from the audiences.

That night, we faced so many challenges.  One of the actresses faint right before the show.  We panicked for awhile but we remained calm and professional after.  We substituted her with other member.  But little that we knew, she got up on her feet and insisted on doing her scenes.  (She even insisted on doing the dancing scene! But we told her not to pushed herself) Thanks to her, I got a last minute role on this drama: Cleaner Lady!  I had to look after her in cased anything happened to her during her scene.

Miss Azy: It was natural!

Kechik also got a last minute role: MAID! because they forgot to put the teapot on the table.  We are awesome right???!!!

It took us a lot of money, efforts and time to get all the props done.  But, the wall/window that we made tumbled down after the 4th scene.  The clock, frames that we made=we didn't use them.  We used very minimal props on our drama because a lot of unexpected things happened to us before and during the shows.

"You did a very good job on the montage!", Miss Azy LIKES!
Thanks to Haikal! He did most of it.  Mimi and I only edited here and there.  And thanks to Shu as our director (he was very demanding on the montage, and look at the result!) (cant uploaded it-maybe later)

Dancing scenes went very much well....and my scene (I played as kg.girl) went well to...and for some reason, people remembered me as CLEANER LADY and not as KG. GIRL! That is so weird!!  

n guess what?? I'm not nervous nor shaking up there on stage! This is the first time in my whole entire life, that I feel confident performing in front of a big crowd..AMAZING!

The scene where Sidek is dying=sad...I cried...We cried...Audiences cried! You guys did an excellent job, actors! Thanks to sound girl & lighting boy! too!!

This scene made me cry-every time

Make up session...We all had to wear a very thick make up! Nice experience though! my face looked flawless...Thanks to the make up! owh n thanks to the "make up-er"!! XD

So today in drama class was very emotional...I mean like very, very emotional....Most of us gave their speech and...yeah....I cried....again....
I guess it is true when people say "You appreciate things only when it's gone"
All of us wanna perform again on that stage!

We also did a presentation (sort of a report) on "The Making of SIDEK: THE MAN BEHIND THE CHAMPION..

I made a surprise video...for the whole class..with Mimi's help of course! (the video can't be uploaded here-don't know y)

I wanna say THANKS so much to the whole class of 2B for making this experience a memorable one and valuable.  And THANKS for being very considerate (with no practice at night and not allowed me to come because I was having high fever)..I'm also wanna say that I am SORRY if I did anything wrong.  I am so SORRY... 

Some of the scenes
Dancing scene: Marry You

We are 2B.  We are a TEAM.  We are a FAMILY

Feb 15, 2011

My 'iPhone' is dying because of you....

I used to switch off my 'iPhone' every single night especially when it is charging. But since you came along, I didn't switch it off anymore and keep on charging it and sometimes overcharge it because we were texting non stop...and now......my phone is dying....sob...sob...you owe me a new hp! :P

ps* i don't know whether i regret texting u back then..................

Feb 4, 2011

i miss u

things are not the same as it was before...for some reason, time n situation round us keep us apart...
i miss 'our' moment...i miss u...the old u....i miss talkin to u....i miss sitting nex to u....i miss texting u....i miss chatting with u...i miss everything that involves u....
i just hope that i can turn back the time....n stay there forever...n i wish u never chnge to who u r nw....
if u only knew........

hate losing a friend!
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