Mar 29, 2011

To The Person who Introduced Me to the Joy of Blogging: Yong Sofea Abdullah

I got the news of you leaving through somebody else who thought that I knew about it but I didn’t.  My first reactions are mad and sad at the same time.  Why did Yong left me out on telling me the news?

Yong.  No.  I’m not mad.  I’m not anymore. I’m just in shock.  I’m sad.  Beneath it all I’m happy for you Yong.  I really do.

Do you still remember this?       
When we were in form 5 in your beloved school..hehe
You are the one piece of me that reminds me of “me” back in school, so that I won’t change too much or so that I become more mature and not childish like before.  You are the kind of friend that I can kid around in front of you and you will still love me anyway.

Here, I want to say that I am so sorry if I annoyed you or done something wrong to you.  I am so sorry if I ever offended you and so sorry for being pushy.  I’m trying to get rid of this attitude.   Thanks for being such a good friend. No.  Thank you for being my sister and for all those advices and those laughters and those tears we shared together.  Don’t forget the wildness! XD Thanks for being my shopping adviser too! Oh, and thank you for 'hating' the guys that hurt my feelings.  That showed that you really really care about me and for that Thank You so Much.

I love you Yong.  Good luck with your mission in pursuing your dream and with life there.  I wish you all the best and I will always pray for you and your family.  Hug Nashra for me if you bump into her there.     

Always love you and always will love you.

*PS: Remember you said this to me "If anyone can melt this girl's heart, aku tabik la.." Well Yong, I will tell you right away if anybody succeeded in melting my hard heart. hehe..

Mar 28, 2011

First weekend as a Not-a-student

Hey3 uolzz...
So what happened during my weekends?

Saturday, I went to Pavillion with my eldest sis and my younger sis.  We went there because Kak Yong wanted to buy things for her to bring during her Tour to Europe.  Hani bought 2 stuffed animals.  One for her and another one for Kak Ngah.

As for me, I bought....

I bought something to satisfy my sweet tooth...I was introduced to this colourful thingy by Kak Yong while we were in Perth.  Back there, they are known as Rock Candy.  Here, they are called, Sticky.  It cost me RM19.90 and it is worth it!

Anyway, we went shoe shopping as Kak yong wanna buy boots.  I always have a thing with boots.  Look at this Timberland boot...It is gorgeous!

It kinda looks like Hannah Montana's boot! XD

Kinda look like Avril's too...minus the stars....

Though I loves the boot, I chose not to buy it because I already have boots, but I never wear them. I find it so unsuitable to wear in Malaysia coz it's hot!

Well anyway, went Tony Romas for lunch

Double stack burger
We had two meals for three of us! 

That night we went to Sushi King in PJ for dinner.  I'm not a fan of I didn't really enjoy the night.

We ordered lots of sushi
Yeah...she's a fan.
On Sunday, we went to JJ, Carrefour to buy one of those massage chairs.  It was a tiring weekend. But hey! it was fun as I get to spend the weekend with my family!

Mar 25, 2011

Shoes Obsession!

Before, I hate shoes! I don't understand why my sisters keep on buying them.
Now, as I get older mature, I guess my 'girlish hormone' is shooting up! All I wanna do is shop! Every time I see shoes, I go crazy.  

Before, I go crazy when I saw sneakers.  Still do actually but less crazy...
Now, I go so crazy when I see heels and wedges! 

My 1st heels
kasut raya bile ntah
kasut raya 2010
5 inches! i call this: Gaga's Shoes
credit to Nashra! you know why dear..hehe
erm...mimi yg sokong utk beli kasut nih! hehe...TERbeli
nice huh?
I simply love shoes!!!! Girls out there, don't be like me.  If you see any shoes that you like, look away and walk away or else, you can't never stop!

Till We Meet Again.....

Asasi TESL was officially done after our Pre-Graduation dinner on 19th March 2011.  It was fun and the theme= Bond as in James Bond! Cool huh?

All the dudes were looking hot and All the girls were looking dazzling! 

along with qida n mimi

All in all, I had fun! It was a very sad was our last night together...hmmm...see ya guys again! InsyaAllah...

<3 TESLians <3 TESL <3 1C <3 2B <3 lecturers <3 da memories

Mar 18, 2011


First "Final Drama=DONE!"
Then "Final Exam=DONE!"
Now "Asasi TESL=DONE!

cant belive that Asasi TESL is finally done.  Rase macam baru hari tu aku masuk kelas 2B.  Sekarang dah betul2 habis. 

nways, hari celebrate birthday abah kat Rebung, Bangsar.  Buffet di waktu lunch! mmg awesome.  Semua ada plus Tnon, Cik Na and Asip.  Asip tertinggal kek kat umah, tak dapat nak merasa sebab straight balik mawar berduri.

masak lemak tempoyak ikan patin + ulam
Mee soto
ABC buat sendiri
tu diaaa.....pengganti kek abah
pulut dgn kuah durian! sodapppp

Then, sebelah malam, saya dan rakan-rakan CSS saya, pergi menyambut "dapat byk duet" kami di Pizza Hut.  Seperti biasa, tukang amek gambar ske amek gambar sendiri and Tuan empunya kamera, gmbaq nya sket ja...

penyerahan RM30..XD
menanti pizza2 kami
comel la tuh??????????? allergic btol la... :P


that night, I ate 3 and a half slices of pizzas, 3 bowl of chicken soups.  Yes ladies and gentlemen.  Saya mmg makan banyak.

nways all the final exam papers dh pn jwab.  tgu je lah keputusannya. InsyaAllah ok lah tu...

bye2 TESLians....jumpe lg....InsyaAllah...

eh....jmpe time dinner!

Mar 10, 2011

Hang Out dgn Noks ni lagi :P

Went out with all the Noks of 1C this morning.  Well, not really all.  Suppose to be all though.  But some couldn't make it because of certain reasons.

Anyway started my day by snoozing my alarm once or twice or more.  Couldn't recall.  Supposed to wake up at 8.  But ended waking up at 8.30am.  I woke Zhafa, but as usual "lg 5 minit...." So, I took my bath and wake Zhafa once again..again and again.  She managed to wake up after lots of bebelan mcm mak from me. Hahaha...

We (Zhafa, Syida n I) planned to go to seksyen 2 for breakfast at 9am.  But we were a bit late than the original plan.  35minutes late!  We had our breakfast at Hijazi.  Lame x mkn roti canai dowhhh!

Then withdraw duet...bla...bla....

At 10.50am, Zhafa, Syida and I made our way to PAS.  The three of us waited for others for......well.....let say we started playing bowling at 1pm (original plan=11am)  (Those who were there: Me!, Syida, Zhafa, Nor Syamimi, Afif, Faiz, Rauf and Zakwan) 

I lost the match (figures!)  faiz won! (he was my teammate!!) haha

Then we had our lunch in KFC (afif's lunch was sponsored!) then we pray and guess what??? Karaoke!!!!

Ok so....3 songs each.  There are 7 of us (zhafa went to the MPH).  We sang all sorts of songs.  Oldies to moderns.  
Rauf's and Afif's voice=awesome! Plz do spend your time to listen to them singing!

so ini lah gambar2 yg diambil oleh jurukamera yg x pro lgsg (zhafa!!!) smua gmbar burokkk....
n mmg dlm hp ak mke korg aje....mke ak x ade...

zakwan snap gambar sndiri
kelihatan syidah di sebelahnya
mnanti kehadiran tetamu kehormat.. Syamimi!
ko bajet comella???
motiff amek gambar ni zhafa?????
maen boling pn stress ke afif???? haha
bdak yg trauma dgn boling.. -___-"
ak allergic la dgn bebudak control comel nih!
ni je la 1 gambar ak yg ade..itupun gambar tgh membebel....

Mar 7, 2011

From Me to You

From far, "oh, man...u a cool lookin guy! i wanna know you!"

I sincerely enjoyed talking to you.  See that, I used the word enjoyED instead of enjoy.

I don't mind 'us'.  What bother me is that you take things wayyy to fast.  You are scaring me.  You somehow suffocate me.  Relax.  Chill out buddy!

Here, I would like to say that you are in NO position to call me that.  You do not know me long enough to call me that.  And the reason that you didn't get to know me is you.  You yourself that made us the way we are now.  Don't blame it on me.  I'm just being nice.  and I do that all the time-being nice.

Don't make me regret of being nice to you..

*Ps: don't blame it on him either..

Mar 6, 2011

Hello Sunday!

It is Sunday! Only a few days left to final exam.  Talk about pressure! Well anyway, I woke up a bit late today..As in 12.30pm late (1st time seyh bgn lmbat cmni!) because I was chatting with someone and watching movie: Easy A.  I slept around 3am!  

Since, I/we (all 4 of us) woke up late, we didn't had our lunch..Yepp...I am starving that time.  I read Islamic Education for awhile.  Then I watched Eclipse. Then I continued with my reading and after a short while, I watched another movie- Step up 3..  It was awesome! 

Nyna went out with her mom,so we (zhafa and I) asked her a favour to buy us dinner.  So basically Zhafa ate bubur ayam+hot tea.  And as for me- Large set of BigMc+ice milo (i'm not a fan of carbonated drinks) + six pieces of nuggets.  My dinner for today cost me RM19.50! So much for saving money Malina!

Well, anyway, while waiting Nyna with McD, I did a little bit of revision on Grammar and then I take 8.42pm-9.06pm...  :P

Because I was too hungry, I texted ibu:-

dgg ketumbar..tomyam cmpur..dgg kicap..sotong lada hitam..nasi lemak (my mom's nasi lemak is da best!)...I miss ur cooking!

But then, wht ibu replied shocked me.  She said that abah is in the hospital since Friday...and today is Sunday..i called her on Friday night, and she didn't say a thing!  I'm a bit annoyed that she didn't informed me earlier..Why she didn't say anything? But then she texted me back and said that she thought that it was nothing.  She doesn't want to distract me since my exam is next week. She said that- We did for a good cause.
Yeah...her intention is good. wonder abah called me on friday and asked where I am though he did'nt say anything about being in hospital.  i knew something is wrong when abah called me! I should trust my instinct more later!

I texted abah after i ate my dinner and he called me.  He said that everything is alright and told me not to worry...I can't help it but cry.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I wasn't there with abah. I felt bad.  I want to visit my abah! somebody! drive me there!

To abah: I hope you get well soon! I love you! sorry that I'm not there for u..

Mar 5, 2011

Last Day of Lecture Week-Persuasive Speech-Cake-iCity!

3.30pm- Stat kelas LnS...kelas terakhir LnS ktorg.  Sdeyhhhhnyeeewww....well anyway, persuasiv speech dr org #10 till #21...i am number am lucky number 19! the 3rd last person! yg dh buat hr tu still dtg...bak kate aan:-

ayat mengharukan dr aan....hehe

Persuasive speech ak tjoknye:

xtaula ak stuju ke x....hahhaa

apabila nervous dan terlupe point...

ade gaye lecturer x??? haha
reaction mdm Ruqayya sewaktu speech ak...
inilah reaction dr audience....boring ke speech ak faiz???
after speech ak, lega pnye psl:

gambar dgn akak pinky!!!!

ape2 pn, lega dh hbs dah segale speech yg perlu disampaikan...Thanks to those yg datang! Thanks for the support! Love u all....

after LnS class...ktorg mkn kek! sdap giler! kek Resipi Rahsia (secret recipe)=Marshmallow cheese cake!! atas kek dihiasi dgn TM baru bdk klas B:

Sob...sob.... :(

Madam Ruqayya pn enjoy our mini class party...amek gambar mmg byk giler kannn....(mnuggu gmbar dr kamera org laen)
thanks to da buyer: Kaka, Kechik n Abah!!!

Bukti kek sdap:
Yes...da cake was indeed excellent!

8.00 PM- bergerak la kami noks2 1C ke i-City...x ramai ckup utk menggegarkan i-City tu...noks2 yg ade: ak, Syida, Zhafa, Dyanne, Nurin, Nyna, Nor Syamimi, Yaya, Rauf, Zakwan, Afif n 1 tetamu jemputan-Yong!

lps ber'picnic' di mlm hari smbil tgk spiderman 2 (cool x ktorg?), ktorg maen game lucky draw thingy....ak hbs RM20 cam tu je...xmnang ape2 pn...haihhhh...        -_____-" duet2.....

then amek gambar cam x pnah amek gambar (mnuggu si empunya kamera upload gmbar kat fb)...jalan blk ke mawar berduri, tetibe, ade org buat drama..hehehe....nyna kaki cram...naseb baek ade Yaya sbg tukang urut di tepi jalan raya yg pnoh dgn kenderaan...

ape2 pn kitorg yg pmpn selamat smpai mawar berduri pkul 11.06PM...n bebudak laki slamat smpai Meranti...alhamdulillah...

mmg sy penat dan argumentative essay x siap sgt happy sb dpt hbskan sisa2, saki baki hari yg ade sbg budak asasi TESL dgn kwn2 yg sgt sy syg!!!!!

Mar 4, 2011

Bubur Lambuk!

Hari ni hari kedua terakhir lecture week..tadi ade kls grammar in da morning..the last grammar class sbg bdk asasi TESL..sebak la weyh...Pn Vovi! I will miss u!  then kelas Literature-sambung tgk movie! then ade test reading!  ALERT! test reading xsenang ye...

then ak, kaka, aan, cik yam, najla naek kete dgn 'abah' g umah Miss Sally nk tlong msak bubur lambuk...sblom g umah Miss Sally, kitorg singgah McD drive- thru! smpai2 je umah Miss Sally, dok hadap mkanan dlu..dh sudah, kitorg dok lepak..(eh2...ble ek ak stat tlong??) seingat ak, ak dok mkan je..n kacau sket2 (xlarat!) then basuh pggan n periuk2 yg ade...rmai jgak la td kat umah miss..ade 21 org smuenye..lps asar dekat2 maghrib baru siap bubur tu...lps maghrib bru hbs packing..dh nk isyak kitorg bru nk otw ke INTEC...

dh smpai, ak dok maen la dgn anak mdm K...seronok btol cium die...bau baby! dok lambung2 die....(naseb baek ringan) then nurin bg die mkn bubur lambuk...then bg die minum air....ak pn dok angkat bdk tu, bwk kat mama die....ltak die kat bwh, tibe2..............sluar puteh ku berlumur muntah bdk kecik tu....mmg slh hari laa pkai sluar wrne puteh hr ni kannn...dh la td dok memasak...then kene muntah plak....ak pn dgn tangkasnye mengangkat bdak comel tu ke toilet..tibe2...muntah lg.... -___-" naseb baek dh biase kne dgn adek dh biase dh...hahaha..mdm asyk ckp sori je...but dont worry mdm! he's only a baby...i dont mind with baby's puke...hehe...(extra marks for my persuasive speech maybe? ngeh3...)

ape2 pn mkn mlm td best! bubur lambuk td pn best! sdap! then tbe2 it hits me! lps ni dh xdpt merasa kat PI tu ramai2...mkn2....borak2.... sdeyhhhhhhnyeeeeeeee...... :'(

xpelah....setiap pertemuan berakhir dgn perpisahan...semoga dpt jumpa lg di masa hadapan...InsyaAllah...

"We only part to meet again."  ~John Gay

tukang masak. tukang rasa, tukang meyebok, tukang bergambar
tukang gaul????
tukang tgk!
haikal??? bgaimane???
anak teruna luar sne..sile kahwini mereke skang!
crew bubur lambuk? lah tukang tgk!
dgn penuh kesungguhan!

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