Nov 1, 2010

"Beauty is on the Inside"

I was watching The Pretty Reckless music video on youtube and I envy Taylor Momsen pretty face and long legs and the fact that whatever she wears look good on her.  I really do.  And Taylor Momsen is not the only girl that I envy.  There are lots of them.  Flipping Tiger Beat or Popstar Mag or Bop mag, i will envy all the so-called-perfect-looking girls.

Honestly, I am not one of those kind of girls.  You know, the 'perfect' girl on a mags.  NO.NO.  Definitely not me.  There were/are days when people can be very mean and have names-calling for me.  There are some who purposely tell me how unattractive I am or how ugly I am, right in front of my face.  Yep.  It is very offensive.  Really offensive.  I guess these are the reasons why I am lack of confidence.

So every single time when I envied on someone because of their looks, these are what I do to make sure that I dont end up hating myself.

Remember that "Beauty is on the inside".  Coz no matter how pretty you are, if you have horrible personality, guess one will like you...or maybe the only people that like you are the people who as horrible as you are! ha!

I always hope and pray that all those mean people will realize that they did wrong by saying stuff that are offensive to others and will just stop doing that.

One last thing that will make me feel ok again after being called 'ugly' is in this video.  My last post is about Kendall Schmidt (H.O.T) from Big Time Rush.  I love him!  A couple of weeks ago, I found this video...I edited it to the important part.  Listen to what Kendall said!  He makes my day by saying that! Haha.... enjoy!

"Sometimes the boring (not pretty) ones are the really attractive one."-Kendall Schmidt <3

Everybody are beautiful in their own way.

Personality is priority

until we meet again.....

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