Apr 14, 2011

Reminisce 4: The Haunted Block G

This picture was captured in block G.  You know what people say about block G! wooooo~

This picture and tittle are only a gimmick everybody.  Just to get your attention. Ngeh3.. The ghost/girl= Sue who is happy and alive! :)

takot x????
Today's post REAL post title is.............

(When 12 Girls became Good Friends)

So, who are the 12 girls??
missing in the pic are Lina and Hani and Eizzan
How do we come out with "Class P" thingy? 
P stands for "Princeton".  Princeton is the name of one of the universities in US and it was also the name of my/our compound when I'm in form 4.  

Were all 12 of us from the same compound?
Sadly no.  But most of us are from Princeton compound.  Others are from other compounds: Sinchan, Pink Panther and Fairytopia (terselit sorg2)
Plus, Princeton sounds more mature than the cartoon characters. Muahahahaha

Why "CLASS" P??? Are you all nerdy???
Nope! The only nerdy in this group is/was Nini! hihihi "Class" means CLASSY y'alls!

How do we became friends?
Small world!  Some of us were from the same class or the same room/compound or we knew each other long time ago.  I don't know how to tell.  It is a very long story! Lets jump into conclusion:- We click immediately!

Were you always together? Do you all have friends other than the people of class P? 
Derr..Of course! We were/are not like other people that didn't/don't allow/ed  us to mingle with others.  We all have our own freedom.  

Girls can't be together in large numbers! Eventually they will fight!
The correct term will be misunderstanding not fighting. We did have a little bit of misunderstanding here and there...maybe...i don't really remember. but then again, we always came back around and still are good friends.

Ever break any school's rules?
Everybody did, right? Yes! We did break some rules but never big ones!...I think...XD

Do you girls still contact with each other?
Yup! We are all still pretty close though we are all far from each other now.  We even hang out together during holidays/weekends/etc.

Later on we will make some time to hang out again..ok?

Fun fact: We have time-capsule bottle (I am the keeper) with notes that each of us wrote on what we "think" will happen in future.  (at least that was what I wrote).  We will read all the notes in 10 years time which will be on the year 2019!   

tu la botol nye..
Errr....korg! bleh x xyah bace ak nye...ak nye lawakla...and x masuk akal langsung.... heee~ XD


Apr 6, 2011

Reminisce 3: Non-Blood Related Siblings

Bear with me people.  There will be 5 reminisces altogether.  Since today's post is "Reminisce 3" that means two more reminisces to go! Yeayyyy! To Nini and Yong, the last reminisce (reminisce 5) will be on…erm….you know….heee~   

So today is about……….(drums sound effect)

Non-Blood Related Siblings!!!! Yeayyyy!!!
**Applause everybody….!!!**
Some of the siblings with our 'home-made' sand castle

If you were from MRSM, you must familiar with the “homeroom” system, where they put you in group and they are your “siblings”.  Then you will have a teacher as a substitute of your parents back at home.  I’m in homeroom N and had 10 siblings (form 4) and 11 (form 5)-we had a newcomer: Qilah! She was my long-time friend.  We were in the same school back in the primary years.

We (homeroom N members) had a rough year on the first year.  But fortunately we had a blast together when we were in form 5.  At least I had…

We had tons of activities in 2009 (form 5).  We even had birthday bash where everybody exchanged their gift.  I got a mug from Fai.  I still have it till now.  Box of chocolate from me was given to Hafizan.  I'm glad that he got the gift.  He is wayyyyy skinnier than me.  True story! Hoping that a box of chocolate can make him have a little more meat on his bone! :P

We also performed onstage 1 nasyid song.  We sang Intifada by Rabbani (form 4), Mahar Cinta by Devotees (form 5).   This song is one of my favourites nasyid song.  We practiced that song over and over again along with Homeroom M.  Yes.  We had to combine with them.  One time we had to act onstage together infront of the whole school.  It was a fun experience (and scary too!) Harizah!!! ingat tak malam mase kt tunggu giliran nak berlakon? ingat tak banyak giler bintang malam tu. Subhanallah! Cantek gilerrrr kannnn!

They were practicing
When M and N combined
The real deal!

Enjoy the pictures of us~
birthday bash! Miss Lin's House
yg tgh tu adek....yg blah kanan tu akak tua! yg kiri tu akak muda lg bergaya! XD
ni plak makan2 kat umah af!
tgh tgu giliran perform nasyid!
yg kiri tu ain. yg tgh tu asma. yg kanan tu akak fai!
ha! yg ni plak abg pilot kt! af!
yg ni plak time ape ye??? aktiviti menyembelih ayam.pastu ktorg makan!
motif gambaq ni? ha! hanya rakan2 mrsm kuantan je yg bleh jwb! XD
ni baju yg dibuat drpd tin! yg ni, homeroom N yg buat! hebat x kami?
ni bahagian belakang,

Everything that we (homeroom N) had been through together=PRICELESS.  Though sometimes involved a little bit/a lot of yelling, etc. but trust me these are the things that you will tell to your kids someday. :P 

I owe you guys an apology if I had offended you and did something that made you uncomfortable with me, I am truly sorry.  And Thank You so Much for the tons of fun.  I had a blast being your sister!

Apr 4, 2011

Reminisce 2: Crazy Roommates

You can say that I was destined to be in the same room with crazy people.  And behind those craziness, they are actually good people and good friends and we had wonderful time sharing one year (except for Sue. She was my roommate in form 4 and 5.  So, 2 years for her!) together under the same roof.  

We are were crazy...
FORM 4 (The pics of us together are not in my possession..sorry..)
We were all pretty loud especially at night.  I was the early sleep-er back in school.  There were times when I became so mad and I eventually scolded them.  I know I apologized before but I really wanna apologize again.  Sorry guys! And to Syud, well we (class P) all know what I said to Syud the next day when she came up to me and apologized and as for that I am truly sorry.  Wish I could take it all back.  But we all had a blast leaving together though we had our moments.  

Sue: You were my roommate and my classmate.  I love you! though you sometimes can be pretty annoying but then again so as I...and no matter how a pain in the ass I am, you still always there for me.. I love you so much dear Suhaila Asnawi!

Farah: You are a good friend dude! You were the one that I looked for if I'm in bad mood.  You always have a great advice  whenever I need one.  You were the one that Syud and I can have fun with over "muke bom"....HAHAHAHAHA...please please show that picture to your kids later!

Hani: You are indeed a good friend! And you were the one who helped me a lot with my tudung! haha...Thanks for buying me dinner when your parents came to visit.  You were a bit quiet at first.  But after awhile, you are just as loud as we are! I really admire you for talking in the phone so silently.  hehehe...I am amazed!

Syud: Technically, you were not my roommate.  You were my compoundmate.  But you were always in F6 and we all already considered you as our roommate! I miss your 'sotong' hand! You were the one who were always making all of us laugh and made F6 more fun!

We were loud too but not so much at night.  This time around I am not the only early sleep-er.  We have Rai!!!!  Our compound were one of the compounds who constantly mentioned in assembly.  They said that our compound is messy.  But they were all liar! MUAHAHAHAHAHA...*evil laugh*
sue, rai, me, diane

Sue: The lovely and rebellious Sue was once again my roommate :P.  Our bed were next to each other.  Our single beds, were eventually became a queen bed and I think that sometimes at night, you were assuming me as your bolster! HAHA!!! I miss those times! XD and you took a very good care of me when I'm sick.  You were the one who massaged my head when I had headache at 3a.m! You were the one who 'fan'ned me when there were so many mosquitoes in that room and when I can't sleep at night because it was so hot.  You are truly a one-in-a-million friend! Thank You so much!!  *PS:Your mom's blueberry muffin=the best!

Rai: You were the 'mother' of the room.  You were the one who woke us up almost every morning.  And you were also the one who always 'membebel' all the time....kahkahkah!!!  Almost every Sunday morning-Spring Cleaning Day you will nagging at us all.XD  On top of all that, you were the one who will act first whenever I had asthma attack.  because you too have asthma.  And also that night when I couldn't sleep because I have dengue and I kept vomitting each time I ate.  You were the one who made me Vicko is it? at what time? 2 or 3 in the morning. Thank you so much for staying up late at night because of me. Really appreciate it!

Sambil mengemas, sambil membebel...HAHAHA
Diana: I miss your Bobo! XD  D! you were the one who always became the victim of the three of us.  Sorry.  You are a good friend though you sometimes can be very blur! hahahahaha...I love you V-girl! You too took good care of me when I'm sick.  One more thing, you were definitely the smarty-pants in our room.  You were the one that I asked if I had addmath/physics questions because I was afraid to ask Rai, because she is was.....you know........a bit....hot-tempered..hihihihihi

I had crazy and amazing roommates! I really truly enjoyed the days that we spent together. Though we fight until sometimes not talking to each other for days but we became great friends anyway.  I enjoyed our deep-hearts conversations.  Talking about past, present and future.  Talked about girl stuff, teasing each other.  So much fun!

I Love all of you.  Sorry if I said/do things that I shouldn't do.  Sorry if I'm such a troublesome to you.  Thanks for being a great friends and roommates!

*PS: Hunting for Verns/teeny tiny mouse was the highlight of being in boarding school.

Reminisce 1: 5 Bestari

My friends and I are planning on visiting their our school in Kuantan.  So I wanna 'reminisce' a bit on the moments when we were there.

Ready to see the nerdy side of all of us??????

A lot of people may not know that back in the days, people in my class and my homeroom called me Naazira or Naz.  Reason? because in my class and in my homeroom, there was another girl by the name "Amalina".  Since she introduced herself as Amalina and to avoid confusion, I decided to go with the name Naazira.  Never in my entire life, people call me Naazira.  So, for the first 2 weeks, when people called me Naazira, I kinda unintentionally ignored them because I thought they were calling someone else!

But Naazira or Naz are not the only names that people call me.  My closest friends and my roommates call me Malina.  Because when I first met them, I introduced myself by the name Amalina.  Kudos to Suhaila Asnawi for being the 1st person ever who called me Malina.  She is the one who come out with the name Malina.  Till now, my TESLs friends also call me Malina.  Yes we have other Amalina-s in TESL but none of their nickname is Malina.  So thanks Sue!!!  

My locker!!!!! Sb tu la buku sy asyik rosak, maen sumbat je dalam locker!
ha ni plak meja ak mase form 5.  Mmg serabot!
My 5 Bestari.  The only class that combined the EST and Tassawwur students.

perasan x susunan meja spt kanak2 tadika?? (ni hr jumaat sb smue pkai bju puteh)
biase la tu bile time2 tengahhari...semue penat n dtg lmbt bile time prep
ni yong nye meja!
This is what happened when you are told to study all the time! XD

ehem...meja siape tuh.....XD
eh2...beg die plak....
I brought my phone to class-only once! i'm a good student!
comel lah yong! eh ke mcm makcik eh? hmmm....itu kt x tau...
errrr....my tablemate! 
tu dia Iqbalman!
We had class party before SPM.  We ordered pizza and we had Secret Recipe's cake.  We spent the whole prep time that night with eating and laughing and taking pics.

Hoi2 Melin!!!! You are my adek! kahkah....I think it is cool that we have the same name and you were born the day after I was born.  You also always made me laugh and I find it so funny as you always fell asleep during class! haha.....I know both of us had very hard time catching up with the rest of other people in class, but hey! look at us know! Both of us in University now.  So the heck with those people who suprisingly not tired of making us feel bad about ourselves.  I am proud of you Melin!!!
tu dia...Melin and Farhana!
To Yong: I didn't know you that well when we were in F4.  I only knew you from all the rumours.  And when we were in form 5, I got to know you better and clearly that all the rumours about you are not true.  I envy of your confidence even till know.  You are Fearless.  You always there for me too.
To NiniThanks for helping me get through the roller coaster ride life of boarding school.  We always together all the time and I know I can rely on you even till know.  

To Both of You: The most priceless moment of us that is still fresh in my mind was when we were studying in form 4 class for our SPM.  Only we were in that classroom.  We didn't study only.  We also had so much fun like KFC hunting....d'ya remember? haha...good times!
I Love both of you!
membuktikan sy ske makan dr dulu lg...
ni minah yg same kelas dgn ak dr F1-F5....
haaaachuuuum.....ops... XD
tu dia..........hahahaha
Hey2 5B's students! I miss you so much! Especially the girls! The laughters. tears, hatred (?) will forever remain in my memory.
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