Jul 21, 2011

Reminisce 5: GGW

Finally everybody the last 'reminisce' after so long.  I've been inactive with facebook-ing and blogging lately.  So today's post is the same as stated above.  Guess what G.G.W means.....

G.G.W was given by Miss Yong Sofea.  And 5 good girls were involved in this 'mission'.  The girls= 
The Shy yet Cool Girl, Miss Malina
The Nerdy yet Sweet Girl, Miss Nini
The Loud yet Powerful Girl, Miss Yong
The Sleep-er yet Strong Girl, Miss Melin
The Quiet yet Lovely Girl, Miss Sufiana
(bajet gile)

So basically, GGW was us the good girls (ehem...) will take picture(s) with the guy(s) that we kinda 'fancy' back then.  Let me highlight BACK THEN that means we DON'T fancy them anymore  Anyway it was just for fun!

This happened on our last year in MRSM Kuantan in Vistana Hotel during our batch dinner.

Well anyway, five of us already planned this thing for quite some time.  I gotta admit I didn't have the courage to do it. But Yong dragged me and make sure that I complete the mission. Let say I am the first one that complete the mission!
So the 1st picture is:
anybody lost their parents?? Muahahahaha
2nd picture is:
tu diaaaaa........nini shahirah 
3rd picture:
yg ni plak yong...kehkeh

Unfortunately Sufiana's picture is not in my possession. 

Wonder where is Melin's picture? Let just say Melin lost because she didn't completed the mission.  So we forced her to take the picture with the guy after prep class at night...So here it is....(Sorry Melin, no pictures that will be blurred in here...haha)

There you go...I also made a bet with my friends that I will "confess" to this guy (not in the pic) on our last day of school.  Yong once again dragged me and that guy just few meters away from me.  But I didn't confess and I am glad that I didn't! 

So the things that we did here only just for fun and hoping that others please don't misunderstand us.hehe...

Till we meet again....


  1. heheh awkwaaard, comel gila gambar ttuuu :DD

  2. ak suka gamba NINI! :D

  3. MUahahahahah! Reminisce gila wehhhh! Segan aku tengok gambar tu balik. Aku sengih lebar sangat. -____-" Muaahahaha :P


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