Jul 21, 2011

Hello Hello!

Finally, I am updating my blog! woohooooo!!!!

UPU result was already out and Alhamdulillah I have the opportunity to further my study in UiTM: Degree in TESL.  The minute my friend told me that I got in, I am so surprised.  Because I really-really thought that I didn't pass my MUET interview, because I didn't satisfied with most of the answers I gave to the interviewer.  Not to mention the face expressions that the interviewers gave me that time.

My aim as a degree students is that I am able to focus and improve myself academically and emotionally (hoping to be able to think and handle situations in life more maturely).

Congratulations to those who get the course and the IPTA that they want.  To those who didn't, there's a reason for that.  Allah know what best for each and everyone of us.  So don't worry and keep your heads up! Good Luck! 


  1. malinaaa, kita jumpa dekat sanaaa :DD

  2. thank you!
    yup2 syidah....jmpe disane!

  3. congratz malina! see ya in September okay? ;)


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