Apr 14, 2011

Reminisce 4: The Haunted Block G

This picture was captured in block G.  You know what people say about block G! wooooo~

This picture and tittle are only a gimmick everybody.  Just to get your attention. Ngeh3.. The ghost/girl= Sue who is happy and alive! :)

takot x????
Today's post REAL post title is.............

(When 12 Girls became Good Friends)

So, who are the 12 girls??
missing in the pic are Lina and Hani and Eizzan
How do we come out with "Class P" thingy? 
P stands for "Princeton".  Princeton is the name of one of the universities in US and it was also the name of my/our compound when I'm in form 4.  

Were all 12 of us from the same compound?
Sadly no.  But most of us are from Princeton compound.  Others are from other compounds: Sinchan, Pink Panther and Fairytopia (terselit sorg2)
Plus, Princeton sounds more mature than the cartoon characters. Muahahahaha

Why "CLASS" P??? Are you all nerdy???
Nope! The only nerdy in this group is/was Nini! hihihi "Class" means CLASSY y'alls!

How do we became friends?
Small world!  Some of us were from the same class or the same room/compound or we knew each other long time ago.  I don't know how to tell.  It is a very long story! Lets jump into conclusion:- We click immediately!

Were you always together? Do you all have friends other than the people of class P? 
Derr..Of course! We were/are not like other people that didn't/don't allow/ed  us to mingle with others.  We all have our own freedom.  

Girls can't be together in large numbers! Eventually they will fight!
The correct term will be misunderstanding not fighting. We did have a little bit of misunderstanding here and there...maybe...i don't really remember. but then again, we always came back around and still are good friends.

Ever break any school's rules?
Everybody did, right? Yes! We did break some rules but never big ones!...I think...XD

Do you girls still contact with each other?
Yup! We are all still pretty close though we are all far from each other now.  We even hang out together during holidays/weekends/etc.

Later on we will make some time to hang out again..ok?

Fun fact: We have time-capsule bottle (I am the keeper) with notes that each of us wrote on what we "think" will happen in future.  (at least that was what I wrote).  We will read all the notes in 10 years time which will be on the year 2019!   

tu la botol nye..
Errr....korg! bleh x xyah bace ak nye...ak nye lawakla...and x masuk akal langsung.... heee~ XD



  1. okey sue here! hahahahah! this is sooooo effin suwiiitttttttt..hahahahahha!aku ingat lagi time beratur hari sabtu,class P beratur kat hujung skali..mentang2 lah ada 12 orang,dah nampak cam class lah kann..hahahahahah! I really miss the old days..jom masuk maktab balik!hahahaha!

    ps: malina..gambar tu serious scary okey..aku pown takot..hahahaha!and tu time bila eh?lupe suda..haha

  2. alololololo.. comelnye!!
    rindu gle nk lepak ngn korg smua! :')

  3. hahahahaa..xpyh bce ak pnye notes gak..merepek meraban je..hahaha..

  4. sue: hahahaha...thanks...kan!!!! kt yg plg bising klau hr ahad nye morning call! hahaha
    tu r weyh gambar tu pn menakutkan ak ble tgk lame2....tu mse makan nasik lemak kat blik farah...

    sai: sgt rindu!!!

    riz: -__-"


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