Apr 4, 2011

Reminisce 1: 5 Bestari

My friends and I are planning on visiting their our school in Kuantan.  So I wanna 'reminisce' a bit on the moments when we were there.

Ready to see the nerdy side of all of us??????

A lot of people may not know that back in the days, people in my class and my homeroom called me Naazira or Naz.  Reason? because in my class and in my homeroom, there was another girl by the name "Amalina".  Since she introduced herself as Amalina and to avoid confusion, I decided to go with the name Naazira.  Never in my entire life, people call me Naazira.  So, for the first 2 weeks, when people called me Naazira, I kinda unintentionally ignored them because I thought they were calling someone else!

But Naazira or Naz are not the only names that people call me.  My closest friends and my roommates call me Malina.  Because when I first met them, I introduced myself by the name Amalina.  Kudos to Suhaila Asnawi for being the 1st person ever who called me Malina.  She is the one who come out with the name Malina.  Till now, my TESLs friends also call me Malina.  Yes we have other Amalina-s in TESL but none of their nickname is Malina.  So thanks Sue!!!  

My locker!!!!! Sb tu la buku sy asyik rosak, maen sumbat je dalam locker!
ha ni plak meja ak mase form 5.  Mmg serabot!
My 5 Bestari.  The only class that combined the EST and Tassawwur students.

perasan x susunan meja spt kanak2 tadika?? (ni hr jumaat sb smue pkai bju puteh)
biase la tu bile time2 tengahhari...semue penat n dtg lmbt bile time prep
ni yong nye meja!
This is what happened when you are told to study all the time! XD

ehem...meja siape tuh.....XD
eh2...beg die plak....
I brought my phone to class-only once! i'm a good student!
comel lah yong! eh ke mcm makcik eh? hmmm....itu kt x tau...
errrr....my tablemate! 
tu dia Iqbalman!
We had class party before SPM.  We ordered pizza and we had Secret Recipe's cake.  We spent the whole prep time that night with eating and laughing and taking pics.

Hoi2 Melin!!!! You are my adek! kahkah....I think it is cool that we have the same name and you were born the day after I was born.  You also always made me laugh and I find it so funny as you always fell asleep during class! haha.....I know both of us had very hard time catching up with the rest of other people in class, but hey! look at us know! Both of us in University now.  So the heck with those people who suprisingly not tired of making us feel bad about ourselves.  I am proud of you Melin!!!
tu dia...Melin and Farhana!
To Yong: I didn't know you that well when we were in F4.  I only knew you from all the rumours.  And when we were in form 5, I got to know you better and clearly that all the rumours about you are not true.  I envy of your confidence even till know.  You are Fearless.  You always there for me too.
To NiniThanks for helping me get through the roller coaster ride life of boarding school.  We always together all the time and I know I can rely on you even till know.  

To Both of You: The most priceless moment of us that is still fresh in my mind was when we were studying in form 4 class for our SPM.  Only we were in that classroom.  We didn't study only.  We also had so much fun like KFC hunting....d'ya remember? haha...good times!
I Love both of you!
membuktikan sy ske makan dr dulu lg...
ni minah yg same kelas dgn ak dr F1-F5....
haaaachuuuum.....ops... XD
tu dia..........hahahaha
Hey2 5B's students! I miss you so much! Especially the girls! The laughters. tears, hatred (?) will forever remain in my memory.


  1. aku bukan makcik lahhhh! hahahah. kenapa ada gambar faris? itu kita tak tau. hhahhaa

  2. hey,
    i miss you lah my tablemate. :')

  3. yong: hihi..gmbr 'makcik' ko tu priceless tau...gmbar faris tu sekadar hiasan...hahahaha....

    farah!!!!! ak rndu ko jgak!!!!! lame x pgl ko gemok! wuuuu...sdeyhnye....

  4. hahaha aku ke yang bagi nama malina tu?ceh bangga laahhhh! hahahahahaha! you are most welcome my dear! :D

    ps: nie sue :D haha

  5. anonymous a.k.a sue yela...ko yg bg...pastu syud nk pgl ak ape ntah, pastu ko x kasi.ko sruh die pgl ak malina gak...haha


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