Apr 6, 2011

Reminisce 3: Non-Blood Related Siblings

Bear with me people.  There will be 5 reminisces altogether.  Since today's post is "Reminisce 3" that means two more reminisces to go! Yeayyyy! To Nini and Yong, the last reminisce (reminisce 5) will be on…erm….you know….heee~   

So today is about……….(drums sound effect)

Non-Blood Related Siblings!!!! Yeayyyy!!!
**Applause everybody….!!!**
Some of the siblings with our 'home-made' sand castle

If you were from MRSM, you must familiar with the “homeroom” system, where they put you in group and they are your “siblings”.  Then you will have a teacher as a substitute of your parents back at home.  I’m in homeroom N and had 10 siblings (form 4) and 11 (form 5)-we had a newcomer: Qilah! She was my long-time friend.  We were in the same school back in the primary years.

We (homeroom N members) had a rough year on the first year.  But fortunately we had a blast together when we were in form 5.  At least I had…

We had tons of activities in 2009 (form 5).  We even had birthday bash where everybody exchanged their gift.  I got a mug from Fai.  I still have it till now.  Box of chocolate from me was given to Hafizan.  I'm glad that he got the gift.  He is wayyyyy skinnier than me.  True story! Hoping that a box of chocolate can make him have a little more meat on his bone! :P

We also performed onstage 1 nasyid song.  We sang Intifada by Rabbani (form 4), Mahar Cinta by Devotees (form 5).   This song is one of my favourites nasyid song.  We practiced that song over and over again along with Homeroom M.  Yes.  We had to combine with them.  One time we had to act onstage together infront of the whole school.  It was a fun experience (and scary too!) Harizah!!! ingat tak malam mase kt tunggu giliran nak berlakon? ingat tak banyak giler bintang malam tu. Subhanallah! Cantek gilerrrr kannnn!

They were practicing
When M and N combined
The real deal!

Enjoy the pictures of us~
birthday bash! Miss Lin's House
yg tgh tu adek....yg blah kanan tu akak tua! yg kiri tu akak muda lg bergaya! XD
ni plak makan2 kat umah af!
tgh tgu giliran perform nasyid!
yg kiri tu ain. yg tgh tu asma. yg kanan tu akak fai!
ha! yg ni plak abg pilot kt! af!
yg ni plak time ape ye??? aktiviti menyembelih ayam.pastu ktorg makan!
motif gambaq ni? ha! hanya rakan2 mrsm kuantan je yg bleh jwb! XD
ni baju yg dibuat drpd tin! yg ni, homeroom N yg buat! hebat x kami?
ni bahagian belakang,

Everything that we (homeroom N) had been through together=PRICELESS.  Though sometimes involved a little bit/a lot of yelling, etc. but trust me these are the things that you will tell to your kids someday. :P 

I owe you guys an apology if I had offended you and did something that made you uncomfortable with me, I am truly sorry.  And Thank You so Much for the tons of fun.  I had a blast being your sister!


  1. malina,kau telah membuat saya merindui rakan2 saya di asrama nun jauh di KL sana huhu :')

  2. mimi: KL tu jaoh ke? hehe...

    yong: i miss ur papa moreeee! wee~

  3. yang pegang ayam sorang sorang tu comel laaa :)

  4. tu la abgngah ak...hahha...pilot dlm family! hee~


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