Apr 4, 2011

Reminisce 2: Crazy Roommates

You can say that I was destined to be in the same room with crazy people.  And behind those craziness, they are actually good people and good friends and we had wonderful time sharing one year (except for Sue. She was my roommate in form 4 and 5.  So, 2 years for her!) together under the same roof.  

We are were crazy...
FORM 4 (The pics of us together are not in my possession..sorry..)
We were all pretty loud especially at night.  I was the early sleep-er back in school.  There were times when I became so mad and I eventually scolded them.  I know I apologized before but I really wanna apologize again.  Sorry guys! And to Syud, well we (class P) all know what I said to Syud the next day when she came up to me and apologized and as for that I am truly sorry.  Wish I could take it all back.  But we all had a blast leaving together though we had our moments.  

Sue: You were my roommate and my classmate.  I love you! though you sometimes can be pretty annoying but then again so as I...and no matter how a pain in the ass I am, you still always there for me.. I love you so much dear Suhaila Asnawi!

Farah: You are a good friend dude! You were the one that I looked for if I'm in bad mood.  You always have a great advice  whenever I need one.  You were the one that Syud and I can have fun with over "muke bom"....HAHAHAHAHA...please please show that picture to your kids later!

Hani: You are indeed a good friend! And you were the one who helped me a lot with my tudung! haha...Thanks for buying me dinner when your parents came to visit.  You were a bit quiet at first.  But after awhile, you are just as loud as we are! I really admire you for talking in the phone so silently.  hehehe...I am amazed!

Syud: Technically, you were not my roommate.  You were my compoundmate.  But you were always in F6 and we all already considered you as our roommate! I miss your 'sotong' hand! You were the one who were always making all of us laugh and made F6 more fun!

We were loud too but not so much at night.  This time around I am not the only early sleep-er.  We have Rai!!!!  Our compound were one of the compounds who constantly mentioned in assembly.  They said that our compound is messy.  But they were all liar! MUAHAHAHAHAHA...*evil laugh*
sue, rai, me, diane

Sue: The lovely and rebellious Sue was once again my roommate :P.  Our bed were next to each other.  Our single beds, were eventually became a queen bed and I think that sometimes at night, you were assuming me as your bolster! HAHA!!! I miss those times! XD and you took a very good care of me when I'm sick.  You were the one who massaged my head when I had headache at 3a.m! You were the one who 'fan'ned me when there were so many mosquitoes in that room and when I can't sleep at night because it was so hot.  You are truly a one-in-a-million friend! Thank You so much!!  *PS:Your mom's blueberry muffin=the best!

Rai: You were the 'mother' of the room.  You were the one who woke us up almost every morning.  And you were also the one who always 'membebel' all the time....kahkahkah!!!  Almost every Sunday morning-Spring Cleaning Day you will nagging at us all.XD  On top of all that, you were the one who will act first whenever I had asthma attack.  because you too have asthma.  And also that night when I couldn't sleep because I have dengue and I kept vomitting each time I ate.  You were the one who made me Vicko is it? at what time? 2 or 3 in the morning. Thank you so much for staying up late at night because of me. Really appreciate it!

Sambil mengemas, sambil membebel...HAHAHA
Diana: I miss your Bobo! XD  D! you were the one who always became the victim of the three of us.  Sorry.  You are a good friend though you sometimes can be very blur! hahahahaha...I love you V-girl! You too took good care of me when I'm sick.  One more thing, you were definitely the smarty-pants in our room.  You were the one that I asked if I had addmath/physics questions because I was afraid to ask Rai, because she is was.....you know........a bit....hot-tempered..hihihihihi

I had crazy and amazing roommates! I really truly enjoyed the days that we spent together. Though we fight until sometimes not talking to each other for days but we became great friends anyway.  I enjoyed our deep-hearts conversations.  Talking about past, present and future.  Talked about girl stuff, teasing each other.  So much fun!

I Love all of you.  Sorry if I said/do things that I shouldn't do.  Sorry if I'm such a troublesome to you.  Thanks for being a great friends and roommates!

*PS: Hunting for Verns/teeny tiny mouse was the highlight of being in boarding school.


  1. comelnya post ni! rai tu yang tak tahan tuh hahaha!

  2. thanks yong....! rai mmg begitu...kahkahkah...

  3. rebellious?!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!aww kelakar ah baca blog kau nie!especially part rai tuh!hahahaha!thank you so much for this malina!kau bwat aku teringat balik masa skolah dulu..hahahaha!

    ps: i love the laasssttt part..kesian tikus tuu..and aku dah belajar jadi pembunuh time skolah lagi..haha!

    one more thing!nak muffin dtg ah umah!and i miss your dad's daging rendang!!!!it was your dad who cooked it kan?wasnt your mum kan?sebab masa tu bukan ke mak kau tgh x sehat demam denggi x silap..hurmmm..am i right??? :D

  4. anonymous a.k.a sue: ko bleh la dikatekan rebellious...kahkahkah...u r welcome...ni baru reminisce 2....ntykan yg strusnye..haha

    nk buat cmne....kne jgak bunuh...klau x nty die dtg blk...video tu kat bobo an?

    nk sgt2 muffin tu!!!! tgk ah nty ble2 ak dtg..hihi...no lah sue...ko ske my mom pnye...not my dad's...mak ak mmg la pnah kene demam denggi tp ak kan slalu bwk dgg tu...n ko ske yg mak ak nye...

  5. sue here..again..hahahaha!a'ah video tu kat bobobo.. eh ye ke?tapi kan malina..aku cam ada suke 1 makanan yg ayah kau masak..tapi x ingat ape benda..serious ada kan?!ape ah??cube kau tnye ayah kau apa yg dia masak sedap sgt2??hehehe..suruh la mak kau masak rendang tu lagiiiiiiiiiiii :(


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