Mar 29, 2011

To The Person who Introduced Me to the Joy of Blogging: Yong Sofea Abdullah

I got the news of you leaving through somebody else who thought that I knew about it but I didn’t.  My first reactions are mad and sad at the same time.  Why did Yong left me out on telling me the news?

Yong.  No.  I’m not mad.  I’m not anymore. I’m just in shock.  I’m sad.  Beneath it all I’m happy for you Yong.  I really do.

Do you still remember this?       
When we were in form 5 in your beloved school..hehe
You are the one piece of me that reminds me of “me” back in school, so that I won’t change too much or so that I become more mature and not childish like before.  You are the kind of friend that I can kid around in front of you and you will still love me anyway.

Here, I want to say that I am so sorry if I annoyed you or done something wrong to you.  I am so sorry if I ever offended you and so sorry for being pushy.  I’m trying to get rid of this attitude.   Thanks for being such a good friend. No.  Thank you for being my sister and for all those advices and those laughters and those tears we shared together.  Don’t forget the wildness! XD Thanks for being my shopping adviser too! Oh, and thank you for 'hating' the guys that hurt my feelings.  That showed that you really really care about me and for that Thank You so Much.

I love you Yong.  Good luck with your mission in pursuing your dream and with life there.  I wish you all the best and I will always pray for you and your family.  Hug Nashra for me if you bump into her there.     

Always love you and always will love you.

*PS: Remember you said this to me "If anyone can melt this girl's heart, aku tabik la.." Well Yong, I will tell you right away if anybody succeeded in melting my hard heart. hehe..


  1. I love you Malina! Jangan sedih sedih (though i'm crying my heart out right now.). And I'm sorry that you heard that from someone else. Thanks for everything! <3

  2. syidah: Dont make it sounds like she's goin away forever. only for 3 years..Though it will definitely feel like sooo long for all of us. But we need to be strong not only for us but for her too...

  3. Yong: I love you too! I decided not to cry. I want to save my tears for you when you are back here in 3 years! Thanks for everything too! No worries. don't be sorry..


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